Innovative Signal Analysis - WAVcam


WAVcam is a long-range video surveillance solution for homeland security applications and other situations that require persistent visual-domain awareness of very wide areas.

Traditional long-range high resolution camera/lens systems typically have a horizontal field of view as narrow as 0.5 degrees or less when zoomed in for detailed observation. When zoomed out for wide area video, the traditional systems provide very low effective resolution. A single WAVcam sensor provides full resolution telephoto images over a 90 degree wide field of view with a refresh rate of 1 to 2 images per second.

WAVcam offers what no other wide-area domain awareness soluion can: persistent, full-resolution video of very WAVCamwide areas. Other benefits of WAVcam include:

  • Effective automatic change detection greatly reduces operator workload.
  • Availability of midwave IR models and daytime models.
  • Multiple full resolution windows providing high resolution surveillance of widely separated situations.
  • Immediate review and later forensics.