DMT Radar Systems, Inc.



Ports, harbors, dockside, or any other waterside site can benefit from DMT’s low-cost, yet extremely capable security solutions.  DMT’s security radars are designed for maritime environments.   DMT’s Black Marlin and the XRDS are the only radars available on the market that can detect and track vessels on the water, people walking on land, and helicopters and drones flying in the air.  DMT combines its unique radar technology with proven, capable camera technology communications, and remote monitoring software to provide a complete waterside security solution.
DMT offers precision drone detection with its most versatile security radar system, the Black Marlin.  Numerous government tests and demonstrations have shown that the Black Marlin is able to detect and hold the tracks of popular commercial drones such as the Mavic, the Phantom 4, and the S1000 - as well as fixed wing drones.


These radar systems are great for:

  • port security;
  • waterside security, including river, canal, and dam security;
  • wide area surveillance, including border security;
  • large plant security;
  • waterside terminal security;
  • nuclear and power generation plant security;
  • shipboard navigation;
  • island security;
  • power plant security;
  • airport security;
  • vehicle traffic monitoring;
  • VIP security;
  • border security;
  • and more.DMTRadar

DMT radars are sold all over the world.  For more localized support in your area, you can contact our premier resellers such as our 2015 Central USA Dealer of the Year, American Integration Contractors in Lafayette, LA; or 2015 Eastern USA Dealer of the Year, GSA Security in Tampa, FL; or 2015 European Dealer of the Year, Elettronica Aster in Milan, Italy.   We have resellers located around the world, so please contact us for the nearest reseller.  For direct sales contact our office in the Washington, D.C. area (Sterling, VA).

DMT commercial radar products are:

  • IDAR (a rotating Doppler Radar used for many types of land and waterside applications);
  • MDR (a fixed beam Doppler security radar for perimeters, corridors, and corridors);
  • XRDS (a longer range version of the IDAR);
  • Dorado (a solid-state, low-power FMCW marine radar that can also function as a security radar);
  • Blue Marlin (a traditional marine radar with wide operating temperatures that can also function as a security radar);
  • Black Marlin (a rotating Doppler radar with detection ranges between IDAR and XRDS);
  • Spearfish (our longest-range, rotating Doppler radar that is good for coastal detection or oil platform protection;
  • WATSRADAR (a long-range, rotating Doppler radar for monitoring regional traffic).

These radars are designed for long life and to be maintenance-free for the first couple of years.  DMT offers extended warranties and support contracts so that customers can enjoy continuous operation with minimal down-time.

DMT military radar products:

DMT is also known for its ITAR controlled products, such as the AIMS Fast-Scan, AIMS Fixed-Beam and AIMS HDR.  To learn more about these rugged radar systems, go to

Commercial Security Bundles:

Do you need radar and video surveillance?  DMT radar products are integrated with many other products, including such items as thermal cameras, LED or laser-illuminated cameras, LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), and more.  

Security bundles are available with radar, cameras, communication, command center software and hardware, and mounting brackets.  DMT is a distributor for many of these camera and peripheral equipment and can offer integrated solutions at the prices that are often less than buying the discrete components themselves.  DMT Remote Client displays radar tracks and camera video.  This software is great with all of DMT’s port security radar.

DMT also offers services, such as installation of fully integrated solutions, maintenance and extend warranties, and training.   Site surveys can be provided as well.

DMT has customers worldwide.   The Dorado and Marlin radar systems are classified as EAR-99, free and open export.    DMT has also installed the AIMS Fast-Scan and AIMS HDR across the globe as well with the proper export licenses in place.