Inventech Marine Solutions - Life Proof Boats


 LIFE PROOF BOATS is a custom, factory direct boat manufacture located in Bremerton Washington. We specialize in high performance, collared aluminum boats with industry leading safety features, new innovative technologies, and foam/air hybrid collared systems. With the most advanced computer aided design programs and manufacturing equipment available, our boats are built to the highest level of quality and exceed commercial design requirements.

The unique characteristics to all of our boats include standard options like stabilized buoyancy collar systems, shock mitigation, and self-bailing decks. Our boats are purpose built for not only protected inland waterways but also open coastal waters. With polyethylene foam under the decks, and our FAST external stabilizing buoyancy collar systems our boats are considered virtually un-sinkable and indestructible.

LIFE PROOF BOATS are beautiful boats, constructed like no other boat available. Hand built in the USA, with the finest grade materials from bow to stern, they provide safety, performance, and comfort.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE