Titan Boats

titanboatsNEWTitan Boats has a history of producing some of the toughest, most advanced and leading edge Enforcement RHIBs. Our clients include some of the most recognizable enforcement agencies worldwide. From our classic T-Top’s to our most advanced Pilot Cabin models, Titan maintains the same rigorous build quality and commitment to ensuring your new vessel meets your every need.
Titan Patrol T-Tops



Titan Patrol T-Tops are the ultimate classic enforcement rhib. Our T-Top vessels combine our Titan tough hull designs with our years of experience designing T-Top configurations for enforcement agencies worldwide. Standard configurations are available, or we can customize on the fly with our advanced computer design process…
Pilot Cabin RHIBs




The Titan Pilot Cabin RHIBs are one of the most popular boats in Titan’s Enforcement Vessel Fleet. A standard Pilot Cabin RHIB can seat a crew of 4, with each person enjoying the comfort of a shock-mitigating seat. The vessel can be outfitted with the latest navigational and communications systems…





Raptor – Enforcement/Special Ops

The Raptor is the latest in RHIB technology, born of Titan’s ¼ century of building exceptional watercraft. The Raptor series is designed for pursuit, boarding and fast response. The deck lends itself to multiple console and crew configurations, Raptors feature suspension seating…
SuperMAX – Bigger, Badder, Better




The SuperMAX Series started with a vision for a bigger, better Enforcement and Special Ops vessel that can be configured to suit even the most complex design requirements. With a robust beam of 12 feet, SuperMAX vessels can be built up to 40 feet in length and can still be legally trailered. The SuperMAX Series is an agencies best choice for a fast response vessel that can be readily used to conduct covert surveillance for extended periods, interdiction and boarding, and conduct marine tactical command…