Rare Opportunities at the 6th Annual Maritime Security East 2018 (2)



By Sareth Neak, President and Publisher, Maritime Security Outlook

The 6th Annual Maritime Security East is the most comprehensive maritime security and maritime law enforcement program on the east coast.  This year’s program will feature a series of impactful workshops, speakers, exhibition and demonstrations.  On April 2nd, the program will host an on-water tour of the Port of Virginia and Naval base/installations and technology and vessel demonstrations.

Over the last week, we were excited to confirm two showcases that will greatly enhance our participant experience by providing them a rare opportunity to experience the Navy M80 and the Coast Guard’s Maritime Security Response Team.

Navy's M80 Stilleto

StillettoThe Navy M80 Stiletto is a prototype stealth vessel designed to test carbon fiber construction and innovative design for littoral combat. With a fully loaded draft of 2.5 feet and a speed of 50 knots, this vessel is capable of inserting US Navy SEALS and special operations forces swiftly and silently. Stiletto can support interagency maritime interdiction operations by deploying U.S. Coast Guard unmanned aerial vehicles and boarding parties in open ocean.

Currently, the Stiletto is used as a maritime demonstration craft operated by the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock, Combatant Craft Division, and based at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Ft Story, Va.

The Stilleto will be on display on April 2nd and will be available for all participants of the program to tour.

Meet the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT)


The Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) is the only unit within the U.S. Coast Guard that has counterterrorism capabilities to conduct action against hostile targets. The MSRT is trained to be the first responder to potential terrorist threats, deny preemptive terrorist actions, execute security actions against armed hostiles and/or non-compliant threats, execute tactical facility entry, participate in port level counterterrorism exercises, and educate other forces on Coast Guard counterterrorism procedures. Although the MSRT's focus is primarily on the safety and security of homeland defense, it is capable of rapidly deploying worldwide in response to incidents.

Join us on April 2nd during the on-water and pier-side demos to meet the team and see their equipment, vessel and learn more about their capabilities and mission.

To learn more about the program please visit http://maritimesecurityeast.com/