What I Saw at Sea Air and Space Part 3: The solutions I saw at the Navy FST and Sea Air and Space Conferences



By Sareth Neak, President & Publisher, Maritime Security Outlook

What I Saw at Sea Air and Space Part 3:  The solutions I saw at the Navy FST and Sea Air and Space Conferences

Out of about 400 exhibitors at the Navy FST program and Sea Air and Space Conference, here are some of the technologies and products I found that are beneficial to maritime/port security and marine law enforcement.

FYI, I’m am not including any technologies from the major players such as Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, etc.  Most of the technologies are very Navy warfare focus and not enough maritime security and law enforcement. My focus is on the few small booths in the hall with applicable solutions for readers of Maritime Security Outlook.

** There were a few other booths and technologies that I was not able to get information from for this posting.  If you are one of them, please write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit a brief on your product or solutions.


 Radiabeam – Boat Stopping Technology

This company which I found in the Navy FST program has created a boat stopping system that doesn’t need any cannons, lines, bullets or acoustic halers.  They created a system that uses a satellite dish looking device the size of a dinner plate that can shoot an invisible beam to the boat engine to disable it.  Since it is in the Navy SBIR program, there is not much published on it.  It is truly the most innovated boat stopping device I’ve seen yet.  Please contact us to get connected to them.  



CambridgeCambridge Pixel – Radar and Sensor Processing and Displays

I’ve known Cambridge Pixel for a while, but wasn’t aware of some of their new capabilities. I got a chance to play with their system and realized that their interface was simple and easy to use with great innovative features that I haven’t seen in other systems.

Cambridge Pixel provides sensor acquisition, processing, tracking and display solutions for applications in military naval command and control, air traffic control (ATC), vessel traffic (VTS), ECDIS, security and airborne radar applications, to international customers, worldwide.

Here are some of the feature software promoted at their booth:

RadarVision (which allows a radar display to be viewed and controlled by a VMS as if it were a camera) http://cambridgepixel.com/products/RadarVision/

VSD (Visual Security Display) a simple-to-use operator display which combines cameras and radar display and provides radar tracking  http://cambridgepixel.com/products/VSD/

Recent enhancements to SPX Server radar tracker for Model Based Tracking for improved small target detection.

SPX Fusion (for combining multiple radar track sources or radar and AIS) http://www.cambridgepixel.com/products/SPx-Fusion/

ZodiacZodiac Milpro – Rigid Inflatable Tactical Boats

Virtually everyone in the maritime law enforcement and special operations world know Zodiac boats.  What they may not know is about the two new line of boats that they were featuring at Sea Air and Space.  

The SEA RIB Aluminum line is perfect for marine law enforcement and emergency response.  It is highly capable and with the self-draining deck, it is perfect for dive team operations.  Go to http://zodiacmilpro.com/rigid-inflatable-boats/sea-rib-aluminium/ to learn more

The Zodiac Hurricane® RIBs are mission-specific tactical boats for some of the most specialized missions.  Might not be for all marine law enforcement, but great for those working in high security and dangerous AORs. Please go to http://zodiacmilpro.com/hurricane-ribs/ to learn more.


OwlComputingOwl Computing Technologies, Inc. – Cyber Security Products

Owl Computing Technologies, Inc.  provides an innovative device they call Data Diodes that acts like a fire wall for information sharing between agencies and partners.  By eliminating information on the information source, agencies can send information to each other without the potential of a hacker tracking the data and using the IP address to send malicious bugs or tracking software to the source of the data.  Please go to http://owlcti.com/ to learn more.




Metal Shark Boats – Aluminum Law Enforcement Patrol Boats

Not only do Metal Shark Boats have many of their Defiant series boats used by the Coast Guard, C.B.P. and many law enforcement agencies across the country, they also service the Navy.  At Sea Air and Space, they were promoting their very versatile Defiant Series boats. Please go to http://www.metalsharkboats.com/defiant/ to learn more.




DavidClarkDavid Clark – Communication Equipment

David Clark makes reliable communication headsets for everyone from the Navy to the Air Force to the Coast Guard.  Where we don’t see enough use of it is on marine law enforcement boats.  These headsets or perfect for bad weather conditions, loud surroundings and high vibration environments.  

Here is a bit of info on the new product they were promoting:

Series 9100 Digital Intercom: Unlimited number of users, radios, ancillary devices; IP network compatibility; Headsets capable of use with both digital wired and wireless crew stations; individual user functional programmability. Performance, durability and reliability with unmatched simplicity and versatility.

Please go to http://www.davidclarkcompany.com/marine/