Keeping illegal drugs from flowing into the US must be a multilateral effort



by Admiral Paul Zukunft

In 2016, more than 59,000 Americans died of drug overdoses. This is more than the number of American casualties suffered during the entire Vietnam War. Understandably, the lives lost on foreign soil prompted a wave of civil outrage. Yet, today's drug epidemic hasn't prompted a similar response, and as a nation, we're trending in the wrong direction.

Who profits from this epidemic, one in which Americans spend $65 billion annually?

Transnational criminal organizations. Theirs is a staggering illicit industry, fueled by fear, violence, corruption, and death – all to gain an edge in the race to profit from Americans' insatiable demand for illicit drugs.

Although they are the commodity of choice today, drugs are not the only challenge. These networks smuggle bulk cash and deal in arms and people – with our border as their goal line.  CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE