About MSO

Maritime Security Outlook was born out of Homeland Security Outlook's production of dozens of maritime security conferences, workshops and trainings in the maritime security community.  After having crisscrossed America and the Caribbean, we have acquired the network and knowledge base of the challenges, successes and needs of this community.

From Marine Police, to Coast Guard, to CBP to major Commercial Ports, we have ridden the boats, sat in the command centers and engaged with the operators.  We have seen different operations and cultures from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast to Southwest to Southern California to the Gulf Coast, to the Great Lakes, there are not many maritime communities that we have not visited or engaged with.

Maritime Security Outlook is designed to give the maritime security stakeholders, the information and connections to advance their operations, promote their solutions and network with other professionals.

Maritime Security Outlook will be driven by content contributions from the community.  Please let us know if you have anything to add to the conversation.

Our Management

sneakSareth Neak, President and Publisher

Sareth Neak is a veteran of the trade media industry with over 18 years of experience in print and online media, events, and trainings.  Since 2007, he has been heavily involved in the homeland security community through his executive management of the Homeland Defense Journal and his ownership of Homeland Security Outlook.

Over the last 9 years, Sareth Neak has created and facilitated numerous maritime security, emergency management and counter-terrorism trainings and events throughout the United States to assist federal/state/local government and industry in strengthening our homeland security and emergency management capabilities.  In the successful implementation of these programs, Sareth Neak forged strong partnerships with the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, The U.S. Coast Guard, The Dept. of Homeland Security, The Center for Disease Control & Prevention, and numerous state and regional public health, emergency management agencies, law enforcement agencies and commercial ports.